Reviving Facial Treatment and Skin Care Services

Take care of yourself with a relaxing and revitalizing spa facial treatment in Da Nang. Our facials cleanse, detoxify, nourish, and moisturize the skin to promote a clear and well-hydrated complexion and make your skin look and feel refreshed. All treatments are individually tailored using high-quality products for optimal results in comfortably appointed service rooms. We look forward to welcoming you and attending to your skin care maintenance.

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L Spa Premium Facial Treatment

Skin Observation ~ Makeup Removal and Mild Cleaning ~ Cleansing ~ Exfoliation ~ Steaming ~ Suctioning ~ Moisturizing ~  Facial Massage ~ Mask ~ Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage ~ Toner, Mist, and Sun Cream Application

(60′)  VND 800,000

~ with 30 minute Back Massage: +190,000

Blemish Facials

Premium treatment processes with Moderate Blackhead Removal and Acne Mask

(70′)  VND 990,000

~ with 30 minute Back or Foot Massage: +190,000

Express Facials

Premium treatment processes with a choice of Massage or Mask

(45′)  VND 590,000

~ with 45 minute Foot Massage:

Spa facial treatment massage focusing on the temples.
Facial treatment clay mask applied and in the curing process.
Skin care products used in the facials provided by L Spa Da Nang.

Our Spa Facial Treatment Processes

With our facials provided on a periodic basis and using quality skin care products, numerous beneficial skin maintenance and restorative processes can result. Following is a summary of the steps and processes that await during each of our individual treatments:

Thorough Cleansing

After an initial skin observation to plan the spa facial treatment and the mild removal of makeup and surface oils, deep cleansing is provided. With the use of suitable products, foaming and lotion cleansers are delicately worked on and into the skin to remove recessed impurities and oil deposits. With a thorough cleanse complete, the skin becomes an ultra-clean canvas for the processes that follow with our facials. Learn more in our informative article about the techniques of Cleansing.

Preparing The Skin with Exfoliation

Essential to the efficacy of the process, exfoliation is gently administered for the removal of dehydrated and dead skin cells. In most cases, physical exfoliates are used in the skin care process, leaving the skin surface smooth and receptive to subsequent processes and product applications. Learn more about Exfoliation, its benefits, and tips for doing it at home.

Unlocking The Skin with Steaming

The steaming process of the spa facial treatment is employed to heat and increase the exterior and interior layers of the skin. The heat opens pores to breakdown and soften firm deposits of oils and blackheads for more efficient extraction during our facials. Warmth from steaming also lifts moisture from lower skin profiles for increased surface hydration.

Suctioning and Removal

With pores opened, suctioning draws sediments, oil, blackheads, and impurities to the surface for removal. The use of suction is typically adequate for the removal of most targeted impurities; however, when needed, manual methods of extraction may be used.

Luxuriating Spa Facial Massage

With pores open and clean, the skin is hydrated, and before a mask application, a luxurious and calming facial massage is to be enjoyed with our facials. Using skin care moisturizing and serum products, the face, neck, forehead, and eye areas are skillfully worked to increase circulation. Through this, the youthful benefits of elevated collagen production are enhanced, and the softening and smoothing of wrinkled zones are facilitated. Read more about the benefits and techniques in our Facial Massage article.

Mask and More Luxury

The bliss of massage continues with the treatment mask application of the program. Based on what is assessed at the time of initial observation and throughout the previous processes of the facial treatment, a suitable mask is applied. While the mask delivers its powers, our therapist will provide stress and tension relief through massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders, and head for calming relaxation.

Completion of Our Facial Treatment Service

Still awake or otherwise, service is concluded with appropriate products, including mists, toners, and moisturizing agents, being applied. Through all processes, the objective and result are more hydrated, moisturized, and healthier skin with a revitalized, youthful glow.

We hope these process descriptions are helpful and to serve your facial treatment and skin care needs. Please reach out to us by phone, email or our Contact Form with any questions about our services, and we will be happy to assist you.