Treat yourself to a Danang facial by L Spa.  We are pleased to provide our L Spa Premium, Express and Blemish facials for your skin care maintenance requirements.  Our facial treatments are provided by skilled skin care therapists in our private and comforatable service rooms for your privacy and comfort.


Skin Observation ~ Makeup Removal and Mild Cleaning ~ Cleansing ~ Exfoliation ~ Steaming ~ Suctioning ~ Moisturizing ~ Face  Massage ~ Mask ~ Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage ~ Toner, Mist and Sun Cream Application

(60′)  VND 800,000 

Current Promo:  VND 640,000

Including 30 minute Back Massage:  VND 790,000


L Spa Premium processess with Moderate Blackhead Removal and Acne Mask

(70′)  VND 990,000

Current Promo:  VND 790,000

Including 30 minute Back or Foot MassageVND 940,000


L Spa Premium processess with a choice of Face Massage OR Mask

(45′)  VND 590,000

Current Promo:  VND 470,000

Including 45 minute Foot Massage During Your Treatment:  VND 610,000

Danang facial massage working the temples by L Spa.
Facial treatment mask applied and curing.
L Spa Da Nang facial treatment product display.

L Spa Danang Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and moisturize the skin to promote a clear and well-hydrated complexion to make your skin look younger. Provided on a periodic basis and in using quality skin care products, our treatments facilitate numerous beneficial maintenance and restorative processes. 

Regular cleansing, moisturizing and rehydration are essential for your skin care maintenance routine.  Over time and with the correct program implemented, our facials can support anti-aging processes, aid in managing and reducing wrinkles, assist in skin regeneration and improving comprehensive skin health.

We integrate a significant portion of time in our treatments to facial massage as it is instrumental in the response of the skin and effectiveness the treatment process.  Learn more about the importance of the facial massage process and how you can properly administer it at home.

Enjoy these skin care benefits and others all while relieving stress and experiencing a unique sense of relaxation.  You may also include one of our body massage package options to elevate your relaxation to encompass skin, mind and body.  We look forward to serving you and providing your Da Nang facial treatment requirements.

L Spa Facials in Da Nang