Our Facial Treatments and Process

When settled into a private and comfortable service room dedicated for revitalizing and elegantly provided facial treatments, our therapist will begin with skin observation and evaluation. Having an understanding of specific and unique skin conditions and characteristics, a selection of suitable products for use and a treatment program will be made.

Clay mask application process during facial treatments.

The Revitalizing Steps of Facial Treatments

L Spa Da Nang skin care services begin with the removal of makeup, sun cream, or other products and a mild, general cleaning of the skin to remove natural oils and environmental residues. The individual steps that follow in the process of our facials are explained below.

Cleansing For a Fresh Beginning

To prepare for all of our facial treatments and to start with clean and receptive skin, thorough cleansing is performed. Using appropriate products based on individual skin characteristics, foaming cleansing agents and/or lotions are carefully worked and massaged into the skin for the removal of underlying oils and impurities. When complete, cleansing agents are removed, and the skin is rinsed with warm water and dried.

Exfoliation Stage of The Process

Following cleansing, exfoliation is then provided to remove dried and dead skin cells. Proper and adequate exfoliation is instrumental in allowing the skin to absorb products used in later stages, such as masks and moisturizers. In most cases and for most skin types, a mild exfoliating agent is used for this process in our facial treatments. The use of more abrasive or chemical agents is also available and may be used in some instances when considered appropriate.

Steaming process during facials.

Steaming Phase of The Treatment

With cleansing and exfoliating complete, steaming is provided to support several benefits in the skin treatment process. Through elevating external and internal skin temperatures with steaming, it opens and expands the pores, allowing hardened oil deposits, including blackheads, to soften for more effective removal. It also aids in pulling moisture from beneath the skin surface during facial treatments for improved outer skin hydration. For additional information on its importance and benefits and helpful tips for doing it yourself at home, read more about steaming.

Suctioning For a Deeper Clean

After the pores of the skin have been enlarged and oil deposits and solid formations softened by steaming, suctioning follows. This process lifts and pulls oils and impurities, including blackheads, to the surface, where they can be suctioned and removed. Suctioning in our facial treatments is generally sufficient as a skin care maintenance method for this in most cases. When additional extraction processes are required, methods including physical removal can be used if chosen.

The Calming Massage of Facial Treatments

It’s now time for the anticipated relaxation of the massage. With the use of moisturizing agents, the skillfully gliding upward and circular motions of our therapist’s hands relax and stimulate the skin of the neck, face, and eye regions. While very calming and with several important benefits, massage boosts circulation in the skin, which is known to increase collagen generation, aid in reducing wrinkles, and generally enhance anti-aging processes.

The Mask Step of Facials and More Massage

The relaxation of our facial treatments continues with the mask application. The type of mask selected for use varies based on individual skin conditions. Characteristics considered in the selection of an appropriate mask include oily or dry skin, hydration requirements, acne presence, and others determined at the time of initial skin observation and during the program. While the mask is in place, a luxuriously relaxing massage of the head, neck, and shoulders is provided. This works wonders in enhancing a sense of calm and reducing tension and stress during the treatment process.

Quality skin care products used in facial treatments at L Spa Da Nang.

The Completion of L Spa Facial Treatments

The final steps of our facials are the application of suitable toner, mist, moisturizer, and sun cream. Toner is used to remove any oils and residues remaining from the treatment and to allow the skin to more deeply absorb the products applied after. Mist, serum, and moisturizers are then worked into the skin to hydrate, moisturize, and leave the skin vibrant and glowing. Finally, when appropriate and preferred, sun cream is applied, and the service is complete.

We look forward to serving you with our effective and relaxing facial treatments in Da Nang. Please refer to the facial page of our website for details of individual treatment options currently available.

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