Immerse yourself in the pleasure and benefits of the best body massage in Da Nang, Vietnam. Our therapists will heal and pamper you with a collection of massages for your relaxation and relief of tension, stress, and discomfort. Join us for a break in the calming atmosphere of L Spa while embracing some of the most effective and relaxing full body massage therapy Danang has to experience.

Full Body Massage Service

Our therapeutic massage service is individually tailored to your needs to help your body feel its best. Menu selections range in pressure from that of the softer Swedish modality to the firmness and intensity of deep tissue body massage. In reviewing our menu, note that Chinese and Thai massage therapy selections are performed without oil, while others are provided with oil. Indulge, relax, and enjoy!

Classic Massage

For those short on time or who prefer a 60-minute treatment, our Classic body massage is ideal. Therapists concentrate their attention on the head, neck, shoulders, back, lower legs, and feet, areas where tension and muscle tightness are most common. As with our Signature selection, this therapy blends a variety of techniques for a relaxing and therapeutic short-duration treatment.

  •   60′ ~ VND 490,000

L  Spa Signature Massage

A popular choice of body massage in Da Nang, our Signature therapy is a fusion of multiple modalities that provides medium-to-firm, penetrating movements and is readily adaptable to a wide range of pressure, pace, and intensity. Through its applications and versatility, this therapy allows you and the response of your body to guide your therapist in concentrating where attention is needed most. Learn more about the many benefits that apply to our Signature body massage service and other selections.

  •   75′ ~ VND 610,000
  •   90′ ~ VND 740,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 980,000

Shoulder Therapy

Shoulder Therapy focuses primarily on the shoulders but also the neck, back, and hands using a variety of techniques, including the use of hot stones that allow an elevated release of muscle pain and tension. Ideal for those who spend considerable time on the computer, driving a car, on the phone, or in other activities in which the arms are extended for long periods.

  •   60′ ~ VND 490,000

Bamboo Massage

Heated and warm bamboo of varying lengths and sizes is used to roll, knead, and relax muscles. Long, smooth, rolling motions of the cane stretch and loosen muscle tissue to reduce tension and tightness. Our Bamboo body massage improves circulation and joint function, relieves muscle soreness, promotes more restful sleep, and helps reduce stress.

  •   90′ ~ VND    940,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 1,250,000
  • 150′ ~ VND 1,560,000

Hot Stone Massage

Our medium-pressure Hot Stone massage includes the use of polished and heated stones that are positioned in specific locations, while others are used as extensions of your therapist’s hands. The warmth retained in the hot stone more fully relaxes muscles and allows deep tissue penetration and elevated tension release. Superior technique and execution make ours the best Hot Stone body massage in Da Nang. Read more in our informative post that uncovers the many nuances of Hot Stone massages.

  •   90′ ~ VND    940,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 1,250,000
  • 150′ ~ VND 1,560,000

Chinese Massage

This ancient treatment selection is provided with medium to strong pressure applied. During our traditional Chinese body massage service, therapists focus on the responsive regions of the body that conduct energy flow (Qi) through meridians, or channels, using pinching and pressure application techniques (acupressure). Through these applications and others, the stimulation from energy movement is intended to increase circulation, reduce tension in the mind and body, and promote overall health.

  •   90′ ~ VND    890,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 1,180,000

Thai Massage

Thai therapy concentrates on pressure points while applying a variety of compression, stretching, and resistance techniques. Periodic Thai body massage sessions provide relief from muscle pain and tension, improve circulation, enhance flexibility, and increase energy levels, among other benefits. It is a suitable choice for those who prefer more physical movements and stronger pressure than those found in most treatment options. Learn more in our reference article about the history, techniques, and benefits of Thai massage.

  •   60′ ~ VND    660,000
  •   75′ ~ VND    820,000
  •   90′ ~ VND    990,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 1,320,000

Four Hands Massage (4 Hand)

Providing our Signature body massage, two therapists gracefully deliver smooth yet penetrating, synchronous movements and techniques. Our Four Hands therapy allows for more complete relaxation and energy balance in the body and mind as opposite and corresponding muscle groups are simultaneously worked, relaxed, and relieved. If you are new to this unique treatment and the nearly indescribable sensations it induces, refer to our article for additional details about the art of a L Spa Four Hands massage in Danang.

  •   60′ ~ VND    880,000
  •   75′ ~ VND 1,100,000
  •   90′ ~ VND 1,320,000

L Luxury 4-in-ONE Massage

150 Minutes

Experience the best of four body therapy worlds in one artfully choreographed treatment session. Our 150-minute L Luxury 4-in-ONE body massage is an elegant blend and perfected progression of dedicated Chinese, our Signature, Hot Stone, and Thai massages in one unforgettable session. The Chinese segment begins by stimulating energy flow and circulation. Our Signature follows providing comprehensive coverage, working muscle groups, and breaking down tension. Hot Stone treatment then achieves deeper muscle penetration, setting the stage for the finale. And Thai therapy completes the progression with its remarkable and complimentary benefits, concluding two and a half hours of pure therapeutic and relaxing body massage in Da Nang.

Service Notes:

Additional Service Option: Facial cleansing, scrub, and mask applications can be incorporated into the session at suitable intervals. Free of Charge (Upon Request).

  •   150′ ~ VND 1,940,000

Luxury 3-in-ONE Massage

120 Minutes

A shorter duration and similarly invigorating therapy session as our 4-in-ONE experience, the 120-minute Luxury 3-in-ONE massage is a coordinated treatment of artistically implemented Chinese, our Signature, and Thai therapies. The primary difference with this three-therapy body massage service experience is that the Hot Stone segment is omitted from the sequence.

Service Notes:

Additional Service Option: Face cleansing, a scrub, and hydrating mask can be included in the service. Free of Charge (Upon Request).

  •   120′ ~ VND 1,550,000

*All massage prices are net, with no additional charges.

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Polished stones are positioned on the back of a woman lying on a body therapy bed while receiving a hot stone massage at L Spa in Da Nang.

Why Our Massage Body Therapy?

Benefits of Massage Service With Us:

  • Experienced and dedicated therapists
  • Customized therapy for optimal results
  • Choice of 25 massage service options
  • Modern and traditional body therapies
  • Individual and couples massages
  • Safety and comfort are our priorities
  • Affordable price, high-quality massage
  • Fully committed to your satisfaction

Meet Our Body Massage Therapists in Da Nang

Our dedicated therapists view providing quality massage therapy with the same passion that we do. Through their knowledge, experience, and touch, they gain an understanding of what the body needs most and how to effectively provide relaxing physical relief. The following are just a few factors that set our body massage therapists apart.

Qualifications and Body Knowledge

Our therapists join us with a minimum of two years’ practical experience and with an understanding of the body and its responses to a variety of therapeutic massage treatments.

L Spa Body Massage Training Program

All massage therapists participate in our ongoing training program to continuously refine the processes and techniques required to provide exceptional body therapy with consistent results to ensure guest satisfaction.

Senior L Spa therapist training body massage service of the back to a new team member.
L Spa Training Program

Professionalism and Commitment

Providing relaxing and therapeutic body massage is not just a “job” for our therapists. It is their profession and craft that have been developed and refined over years of commitment and drive to learn how to make others feel better through their soothing and healing treatment abilities.

On behalf of our team of massage therapists and all personnel at L Spa, we look forward to welcoming you and serving you with our revitalizing and memorable body massage service in Da Nang.

If you have questions or for additional information about our services, their benefits, or our techniques, contact us by phone, message, or the contact form on our website. Should you be near the An Thuong Tourist Streets area of Danang, please stop by our location at 05 An Thuong 4 and we will be happy to speak with you.