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Experience our skillfully provided full body massage services in Da Nang. Selections include our L Spa Signature, Hot Stone, Thai, Bamboo, Four Hands, Chinese and other available options. All services are provided by our well-trained and dedicated therapists in comfortable and calming private rooms. We hope to welcome and serve you with a relaxing, effective, and memorable massage in Danang.

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A popular Da Nang body massage choice, our unique Signature therapy with oil is a fusion of multiple disciplines that provides firm, penetrating movements which allow you and the response of your body to guide your therapist in concentrating where your body needs it most. This therapy is easily adjusted to a wide range of pressures to meet your personal preference. Learn more about the many benefits of massage that apply to our Signature and other selections.
  •   60′ ~ VND 490,000
  •   75′ ~ VND 610,000
  •   90′ ~ VND 740,000 > 590,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 980,000 > 790,000



Our Shoulder Therapy treatment with oil focuses on the shoulders, neck, back and hands using a variety of techniques including the use of hot stones allowing a release of muscle pain and tension. Ideal for those who spend considerable time on the computer, driving a car, on the phone or other activities in which your arms are extended for long periods.

  •   60′ ~ VND 490,000



Our medium pressure Hot Stone therapy includes the use of polished and heated stones that are positioned on specific body locations as others are used as an extension of your therapist’s hands. The warmth retained in the hot stone more fully relaxes muscles and allows deep tissue penetration and elevated tension release.  Superior technique and execution make ours the best Hot Stone massage in Da Nang.

  • 100′ ~ VND    940,000 > 750,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 1,100,000 > 880,000



Heated and warm bamboo of various lengths and diameter are used to roll, knead and relax muscles.  Long, smooth, rolling motions of the cane stretch and loosen muscle tissue to reduce tension tightness   Bamboo massage with oil improves circulation and joint function, relieves muscle soreness, promotes more restful sleep and aids to reduce stress and tension.

  • 100′ ~ VND    940,000 > 750,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 1,100,000 > 880,000



Our Thai massage without oil concentrates on pressure points of the body while applying a variety of compression, stretching and resistance techniques. Relief of muscle pain and tension, improving circulation, enhancing flexibility and increasing energy levels are among the many benefits. Thai therapy is often a choice by those who prefer more physical movements and stronger pressure than those found in most treatment options.

  •   60′ ~ VND    660,000
  •   75′ ~ VND    820,000
  •   90′ ~ VND    990,000 >    790,000
  • 120′ ~ VND 1,320,000 > 1,060,000



Chinese body massage without oil is provided with medium or strong pressure.  Our therapists focus on specific body regions that conduct energy flow using pinching and pressure application techniques (acupressure).  This stimulation and energy movement is intended to increase circulation, reduce tension of mind and body and promote overall health.

  •   80′ ~ VND 790,000
  • 100′ ~ VND 990,000 > 790,000



Providing our Signature therapy, Two (2) therapists provide synchronous movements and techniques on opposite regions of the body. Our distinctive Four Hands therapy allows for a more complete relaxation and energy balance experience of the body and mind as corresponding muscle groups are worked simultaneously. If you would like to learn more about our Four Hands massage in Da Nang, you may refer to our article for additional details.      

  •   60′ ~ VND    880,000
  •   75′ ~ VND 1,100,000
  •   90′ ~ VND 1,330,000 > 1,060,000