Waxing in Da Nang by L Spa – Helpful Things to Know

Waxing in Da Nang by L Spa2
Waxing in Da Nang by L Spa

Helpful Things to Know

Whether visiting or residing, you may be in need of body waxing in Da Nang.  L Spa Da Nang provides a variety of waxing services for your personal care requirements.  Our Brazilian wax and bikini wax services are reserved for women only.  Our leg wax, arm wax, back and chest wax services are available for all guests.  Having provided Danang waxing services since 2013, L Spa has become known for providing quality services in our clean and relaxing spa setting while attentively following the specific preferences of our guests and providing a comfortable waxing experience.

Before Your Wax

For those who are still shaving but are ready to make the change to waxing, or those who have not had a wax in a while, in advance of your appointment we suggest allowing hair to grow out a bit before your appointment.  Hair length of around 6-7 millimeters (1/4 inch) is sufficient, and not more than 10-12 millimeters.  This will allow adequate (but not excessive) hair surface area for the wax to adhere to and achieve better waxing service results. We also suggest repeated exfoliation of the skin for a day or two before your appointment.  Removal of dry, dead, and flaking skin cells, also leads to improved overall results of your waxing service.

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Grow Hair Out Before Your Wax

After Your Wax

For skin care immediately following your service, we suggest avoiding “hot” showers (warm is okay).  Stepping up your exfoliation and moisturizing routines is also recommended.  If it is your first time having a wax, please understand that it will likely take a few waxes before fully realizing the smooth, stubble-free skin you seek as growth patterns of your hair change.  Over time and as you continue a regular waxing schedule, your hair will grow slower and finer than it did previously, and you will likely find little use for a razor any longer.

L Spa Waxing Process

Service providers of waxing in Da Nang and elsewhere use different application products and processes.  Following is what you can expect with your L Spa Danang waxing service:  We prepare for each individual service 30 minutes prior to guest appointment times.  During this period, our imported quality body wax is heated to extremely high temperatures for hygienic and consistency purposes. 10 minutes before service begins, the wax is reduced to an appropriate and safe service application temperature and a new stick (paddle) is placed into the wax.  At this time, your technician will guide you to a service room where you can explain your personal preferences and your service will begin.  If you have any questions about our waxing services or process, please ask our receptionist or your waxing technician.

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L Spa Danang Waxing

A common question asked is how long will a wax take?  As each guest and service are different and as we follow your personal preferences, service durations vary.  For a general idea of average service times, you can expect the following:  Full Leg – 45 minutes (upper or lower leg only will be less time). Underarm – 10 to 15 minutes (full arm will be more time). Brazilian Wax or Bikini Wax – 30 to 40 minutes. Back wax– 30 minutes.

We hope this information is helpful to you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.  We look forward to welcoming you and providing your perswonal care requirements when in need of waxing in Danang.



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