A Complete Guide On Hair Spa: Benefits And 5 Major Steps

A rejuvenating hair spa session is not only a delightful indulgence but also a source of fantastic benefits for your lustrous locks. From replenishing moisture and minimizing hair fall to repairing damage, a hair spa serves as a comprehensive solution for all your hair and scalp concerns.

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What is the Hair Spa?

What is the Hair Spa?

Hair spa is a comprehensive hair treatment encompassing multiple steps, including cleansing, massaging, steaming, and more. The primary objective of a hair spa is to deliver a thorough cleanse to the scalp pores, facilitating nourishment and moisturization for healthy hair growth. Distinct from keratin treatment, a hair spa is a temporary procedure.

Types of Hair Spa

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Types of Hair Spa

The selection of a hair spa treatment is contingent on your specific hair type and concerns. There are various types tailored to different needs:

  1. Dandruff Control Hair Spa Treatment: This treatment focuses on combating dandruff by nourishing and hydrating the scalp, addressing clogged pores and eliminating dry scalp flakes.
  2. Hair Spa Treatment for Irritated Scalp: This calming treatment alleviates persistent dryness, itchiness, and irritation by providing the scalp with optimal moisture.
  3. Hair Spa Treatment for Hair Loss: Designed to combat hair fall, this treatment incorporates hair products rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies suggest that it aids in stimulating hair follicles, promoting hair growth, and addressing thinning hair.
  4. Hair Spa Treatment for Oily Hair: This revitalizing hair treatment aims to minimize greasiness and reduce oil content on the scalp. It provides hydration to keep the scalp feeling fresh.
  5. Hair Spa Treatment for Dry Scalp: This soothing hair treatment targets dryness and flakiness of the scalp by hydrating it with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Studies suggest that hyaluronic acid contributes to enhancing scalp barrier functions.
  6. Hair Spa Treatment for Colored Hair: This specialized treatment enhances the vibrancy of colored hair by safeguarding it against pollution. It incorporates potent filters to preserve your hair color, preventing fading. Offering extra protection and care, this treatment is particularly beneficial for colored hair, which tends to become fragile and susceptible to breakage.
  7. Hair Spa Treatment for Hair Smoothing: This treatment focuses on achieving more manageable, smooth, silky, and frizz-free hair. It utilizes products enriched with hair oils and antioxidants to address this specific hair concern, as suggested by studies.

At What Age Can You Get A Hair Spa Done?

There is no specific age limit for getting a hair spa. It is essential to ensure that the products used are suitable for your scalp and hair. If you are below 14 years old, consult with your hair spa professional to determine if it is appropriate for your age.

5 Major Steps of Hair Spa Treatment

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5 Major Steps of Hair Spa Treatment
  1. Scalp Massage: Involving a five-minute circular massage of the scalp by the therapist’s fingers, this step enhances blood circulation to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.
  2. Hair Mask: Application of a specialized deep-conditioning hair mask tailored to repair damage, reduce frizz, and boost shine. The therapist allows the mask to sit on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing.
  3. Steam or Heat: Hair spas incorporate steam or heat to facilitate the deep penetration of treatment products into the hair shaft, maximizing their efficacy.
  4. Shampooing & Conditioning: Following these procedures, the subsequent step involves a thorough rinse to cleanse your hair and eliminate any residual product. Subsequently, the hair is conditioned to lock in moisture and enhance manageability.
  5. Blow-Dry & Styling: The concluding phase entails your hairstylist completing the session by blow-drying and styling your hair, imparting a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

How Long Does A Hair Spa Treatment Effect Last For?

The duration of a hair spa treatment’s effectiveness typically ranges from 15 to 30 days. Adhering to the recommended precautions and maintaining a proper hair care routine can contribute to prolonging the benefits.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hair Spa

Advantages Disadvantages
Enhances hair health and stimulates blood circulation Potential for high costs
Addresses issues like hair loss, dandruff, and frizz Can be time-consuming
Cleanses and purifies the scalp Risk of hair color fading
Softens and smoothens hair, improving manageability Some individuals may experience adverse reactions to treatment products, such as scalp irritation or allergies
Offers a relaxing and indulgent experience Not universally suitable for all hair types and concerns
Contributes to enhanced hair growth Results may have a limited duration
Amplifies shine and softness for a healthier appearance Effectiveness can vary based on salon, products, and techniques
Provides stress relief through massage and relaxation Possible risk of hair loss due to harsh chemicals or products. Prior consultation with the stylist is advisable.

What Not to Do After a Hair Spa Treatment?

Don’ts After A Hair Spa Treatment
  • Moderate Heat Styling: Steer clear of excessive heat when using styling tools.
  • Gentle Hair Tying: Tie your hair loosely to prevent strain.
  • UV Protection: Safeguard your hair from ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors.
  • Tailored Hair Products: Use products tailored to your specific hair type and concerns.
  • Delayed Hair Washing: Refrain from washing your hair immediately or for 2-3 days after a hair spa treatment.
  • Cotton Cloth Coverage: Cover your hair with a cotton cloth for added protection.
  • Nutrient-Rich Diet: Maintain a healthy diet including iron, protein, and essential nutrients.


How often should a hair spa be done?

For optimal results, it is advisable to undergo a hair spa treatment every two weeks. Our hair spa, enriched with the soothing and calming properties of Water Lily, ensures an even more relaxing and restorative experience.

What is better than a hair spa?

Hair spa and oil massages are both beneficial for nourishing hair and enhancing scalp circulation. While oil treatment is quicker and more cost-effective, a hair spa entails additional steps, addresses specific hair concerns, and offers the added benefit of leaving the salon with silky, blow-dried hair.

Will hair regrow after hair spa?

Hair spa therapy enhances blood circulation in the scalp, maintaining cleanliness and health. This, in turn, stimulates new hair growth. Additionally, it facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to the hair follicles, promoting their overall health and strength.

The Bottom Line

Regular hair spa sessions offer a multitude of benefits, ensuring the well-being of your tresses. Whether it’s addressing dandruff issues, combating hair fall, repairing damage, or rejuvenating dry or colored hair, a hair spa treatment covers it all. For optimal results, complement your hair spa routine with a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious diet, and daily micro hair care practices. Avoid excessive heat styling and chemical treatments to maintain the lasting effects of the treatment.

This article is for informative reference and to explain the benefits and uses of a Hair Spa. Note that L Spa does not provide these or other related hair services, and the information provided is for educational purposes only. To learn more about our available treatments and services, please visit the L Spa Da Nang website.

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