A Day at My Khe Beach with L Spa in Danang

A Day at Central My Khe beach and L Spa in Danang

Enjoying a Day in the Central My Khe Beach Area

L Spa in Danang is ideally located within the An Thuong Tourist (Walking) Streets alongside the central stretch of beautiful My Khe Beach.  With many things to do in the area, we thought it may be helpful to provide just a few ideas for the day.  Plenty of sun and surf, dining and entertainment options, and allowing us to pamper you while visiting are all nearby.

A Start to the Day

Getting the day going with an early morning walk or jog on My Khe Beach is a great way to start.  Cool morning temperatures, vibrant hues as the sun rises and gently lapping waves meet the shore are typically on display.  With some morning exercise and a refreshed frame of mind complete, breakfast will likely be in the plan.  Whether at your nearby accommodation or at one of the many cafes and restaurants in the An Thuong area, numerous venues are available for a hearty morning meal to set the stage for an enjoyable day ahead.

My Khe Beach Sunrise

After breakfast and on foot or rented bicycle, souvenir, local crafts, or sundries shopping may strike a chord with you.  Content from breakfast with some time available before hitting the beach, options await.  Perhaps a visit to L Spa in Danang for the body waxing you have been putting off may be perfect.  Or one of our relaxing, yet energizing spa massage selections can prepare you to hit the beach with vigor.  On to the beach for soaking in the sun and taking a cooling swim in the often calm, clear waters.

For a late lunch, seafood restaurants on the Vo Nguyen Giap beach road are many.  If seafood is not the calling, a short walk back into An Thuong will present numerous diverse dining options.  Vietnamese favorites, Korean BBQ, burgers, pizza, Japanese sushi, Singapore Chicken Rice, Indian curry and many other tastes are readily available.  With lunch complete, it may be time for a return to the beach.  For some excitement, a spin on a personal watercraft, surfing or an exhilarating parasailing ride (when available) can be booked.  Or, simply relaxing with a touch more beach and ocean lounging may fit the mood.

My Khe beach Afternoon

Winding the Day Down with L Spa in Danang

With late afternoon arriving and your skin glowing a touch of red, heading back to your accommodation could sound good.  Maybe a snack and a dip in the pool along with a nap.  Or instead, a walk to L Spa for a refreshing and cleansing shower and enjoying a massage may sound better.  Just the right soothing and moisturizing touch for your sun-soaked skin with our Signature massage selection can be provided.

L Spa Danang Signature massage while near My Khe Beach

As the afternoon heat surrenders and the evening begins, area pubs and restaurants return to life.  The same dining alternatives and others are available after the sun goes down, along with live entertainment at a few establishments.  With a satisfying dinner complete, and if not visiting us earlier, an evening spa massage to fully unwind the body and calm the mind may be just perfect before heading on to area nightlife spots, an evening beach stroll or a return to your accommodation.

The ways to enjoy your day in the relaxing central My Khe Beach area are many and this itinerary includes only a few.  Whatever you may choose, have a great time and we hope you will allow L Spa in Danang the opportunity to be a part of your day by providing you our distinctive massage and spa services.

l Spa in Danang A Day at My Khe Beach

For more information on My Khe Beach you may reference the My Khe Beach Guide at:  http://mykhebeach.org/

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