How To Treat And Prevent Pimples After Waxing Safety?

Is it Normal to Get Pimples After Waxing? Whether we’re administering waxes or receiving them, the ultimate aim is smooth, hairless, silky skin. However, the waxing process, coupled with individual skin variations, often leads to a common and pesky issue: post-waxing pimples. Estheticians play a crucial role in educating clients about the reasons behind these pimples and offering tips on how to address and prevent them. Discover valuable insights on preventing pimples after waxing by reading further.

How To Treat And Prevent Pimples After Waxing Safety
How To Treat And Prevent Pimples After Waxing Safety

Is it Normal to Get Pimples After Waxing?

Experiencing pimples after waxing is entirely normal. The waxing process exposes the skin to friction, bacteria, and elevated temperatures, all of which can impact the barrier’s function.

For individuals with sensitive skin, post-waxing pimples are a relatively common phenomenon. Even the most skilled estheticians cannot guarantee the prevention of breakouts after waxing.

Fortunately, understanding the factors contributing to pimples after waxing and adopting proactive measures before and after the waxing session can significantly reduce the likelihood of these bumps appearing in the first place.

Why Do I Get Breakouts After Waxing?

Why Do I Get Breakouts After Waxing
Why Do I Get Breakouts After Waxing

Several factors could contribute to the appearance of pimples after waxing.

Firstly, after waxing, your hair follicles are open, creating an environment that attracts bacteria and can lead to the development of pimples. This bacteria may originate from various sources, including your hands, debris on your skin, waxing strips, or even the surrounding air.

  • Waxing has the potential to create tiny micro-tears in your skin. Although these tears may not be discernible to the naked eye, they can become prone to bacterial growth and infection if not addressed.
  • Pimples can arise from bacterial activity, underscoring the importance of taking preventive measures. It is crucial to minimize bacteria, and one effective way to achieve this is by investing in a high-quality pre-wax cleanser.
  • Moreover, if you habitually use comedogenic beauty products, including moisturizers, SPF, or makeup, either immediately after a recent wax or just before, you might be contributing to post-wax pimples by clogging your pores.

Another potential factor for the occurrence of pimples after waxing is friction.

  • The waxing strips employed for hair removal on the face and body are commonly crafted from materials such as paper, cloth, or synthetics. These strips adhere to the hair, extracting it from the root by generating traction as they slide back against the skin.
  • The repetitive motion over the skin during this process can lead to irritation and potential friction, possibly resulting in breakouts.

Therefore, if you notice pimples after waxing, particularly if breakouts are occurring solely post-waxing and not under normal circumstances, it is probable that the open hair follicles are trapping bacteria and causing an excess of sebum production within the skin.

How Long Do Pimples After Waxing Last?

The duration of pimples following waxing can vary, lasting anywhere from a few days to a week or more. Typically, most pimples tend to clear up or show signs of improvement within two or three days.

The healing time for post-waxing pimples is influenced by factors such as your skin type and sensitivity level.

If you notice that your pimples persist beyond a week after waxing and become highly inflamed or painful, it might be advisable to consult your dermatologist or family doctor. Such prolonged symptoms could indicate a potential infection that requires professional attention.

Certainly, considering that everyone’s skin is unique, the healing times for pimples after waxing can vary. However, if you’re looking to expedite the healing process, we have some recommendations for you. 

Prevent Pimples After Waxing

Prevent Pimples After Waxing
Prevent Pimples After Waxing

If you discover pimples after waxing, there are several steps you can take to address them.

First and foremost, prioritize skincare. Using a quality cleanser or applying an antiseptic toner, such as witch hazel, is crucial. This helps eliminate any residue and restores the skin’s pH balance, initiating the healing process for pimples after waxing.

In addition to cleansing, incorporating a post-wax lotion is a beneficial strategy to support the healing process. A post-wax lotion provides the skin with essential nutrients, aiding in its ability to soothe and combat the bacteria associated with pimples after waxing.

An integral part of the treatment for pimples after waxing is refraining from touching them.

Pre & Post Wax Pimple Prevention Tips

Prior to waxing, the initial step is to thoroughly cleanse the intended treatment area. This essential cleansing process eliminates surface dirt, debris, and oil, all of which play a role in the occurrence of post-wax pimples. It is imperative to apply a cleanser to wet skin, ensuring it is completely removed and the skin is dry before proceeding with waxing. When it comes to preventing post-waxing pimples, one of the initial pieces of advice for clients is to emphasize at-home pre-care.

Prior to your client’s waxing appointment, it’s important to advise them to discontinue the use of comedogenic and oil-based products for at least a few days. These products aren’t ideal for acne-prone skin, and stopping their use in advance can help avoid pore clogging and the occurrence of pimples after waxing.

Furthermore, gentle exfoliation about 48 hours before the waxing session is recommended. This practice helps eliminate dead skin cells, preventing the development of post-waxing pimples.

In terms of preventing pimples after waxing, it is crucial to promptly apply post-care to your client’s skin. When educating clients about their post-wax care, emphasize the importance of refraining from touching the newly waxed area with their hands.

Additionally, encouraging clients, particularly those with acne-prone skin, to cleanse and exfoliate the treated area is a prudent step in preventing post-waxing pimples.

Both on the day of and the day after waxing, it is advisable to avoid saunas, vigorous exercise, or any activities leading to excessive sweating. Sweat can infiltrate open pores, potentially causing bumps and pimples.

Last, but certainly not least, adhering to a consistent waxing routine can significantly assist clients in preventing post-waxing pimples.


Can I get Brazilian wax if I have a pimple?

Avoid waxing on skin that is broken, inflamed, or has lesions from acne, even if the acne is mild. NEVER wax if you’ve been on acne medication within the last year. Combining retinoids with waxing is also not safe.

Why do I get pimples after waxing down there?

Following hair removal, certain individuals experience a bumpy, pimple-like rash. This is typically attributed to inflammation and often resolves naturally. However, if white or fluid-filled bumps persist for more than a few days, it’s conceivable that folliculitis, indicative of a mild infection, might be the cause.

Is it normal to get pimples after waxing?

Indeed, it is entirely normal to develop pimples after waxing. Throughout and after the waxing procedure, the skin encounters friction, exposure to bacteria, and elevated temperatures, all of which can impact the barrier’s function. Pimples following waxing are a relatively common phenomenon, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin.

This article is for informative reference and to provide tips in preventing and treating pimples after waxing. To learn more about our wax removal services, please visit the L Spa Da Nang website.

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