L Spa Da Nang Massage

L Spa in Danang Signature massage of the neck.

L Spa Massage and What Awaits You

An L Spa Da Nang massage is a spa massage treatment that is provided by our highly trained and skilled therapists placing their hands, forearms, elbows and at times their knees directly on your body to perform a variety of massage techniques to penetrate into the skin, muscles, tendons and tissue of your upper and lower torso and limbs to relax and calm you, relieve tension and promote a profound sense of rejuvenation.

Established by the type of massage you have chosen with us and your specific requests, the amount of pressure your therapist will apply can range from soft to strong and can focus on specific locations of your body.

Chinese massage with two hand palm compression applied.

Most of our massage therapies include the use of oil.  A variety of oils are used to enhance the experience by allowing a smoother application of the appropriate techniques and pressure by reducing friction with the skin for enhanced penetration and comfort.  Additionally, our preferred oils of use aid in revitalizing your skin by providing numerous moisturizing benefits.

Our strong pressure Thai massage does not include the use of oil.  Employing a variety of stretching and compression movements that require a stable grip for necessary control, Thai massage is more effectively administered without oil.  This allows your therapist to manage movements and achieve the intended results more efficiently and comfortably.

Thai massage reverse arm stretch by L Spa in Danang.

Your L Spa Da Nang Massage

An L Spa Da Nang massage will be different from that which you may encounter at other Da Nang spas.

We will not carelessly pound or chop on your back, legs, chest or any part of your body. We will not twist and contort your body in ways unintended by nature and the structure of the body.  What we will do is provide you a calming, invigorating, tension reducing and memorable massage experience. This will be achieved through sound massage therapy practices competently adminstered by our skilled therapists.

Your complete comfort and satisfaction is of the highest importance to us.  Before your service, please let us know your preferred pressure with the massage type you have selected. 

When in your therapy room and your massage has begun, if you are not comfortable with the pressure your massage therapist is applying, be it too soft or too strong, please ask your therapist to adjust to your preference of pressure.

Bamboo massage applied to the back with bamboo cane.

Our primary objective is your satisfaction, full relaxation and leaving us feeling renewed and recharged!   We hope to welcome you soon and provide a memorable L Spa massage experience.  You may visit our massage page for additional details at:  https://lspadanang.com/massage/

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