Massage Service Favorites at L Spa

Favorite Massage Service Selections

If planning a massage in Da Nang and considering L Spa, understanding our most requested massage service options may be helpful.  While all of our service offerings are regularly requested, some stand out for different reasons.  In the sections below, we will outline a few of these.  In addition, an indication as to why they are preferred by guests and type of guest will be shared.

Across All of Guests

From guests with little massage experience to those with considerable familiarity, our L Spa Signature service is frequently requested.  Having been a well-known massage in Da Nang for many years, this therapy allows optimal application versatility.  Easily adapted pressure variations and our therapists’ level of training enabling them to identify areas of the body requiring more attention by their feel are instrumental.  Through these important factors, our exclusively developed Signature therapy satisfies most guests seeking both a relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

L Spa Signature Massage Article Image

A More Physical Massage Service

Thai massage is generally considered a more physical or ‘stronger’ form of therapy, and ours is no different.  Guests requesting this service are normally familiar with the techniques used and seek the different, but effective benefits it provides.  Stretching, bending and deep pressure movements are knowledgeably administered with the hands, feet, elbows and legs.  Increased flexibility and mobility are among the primary benefits, as well as increased circulation and stress reduction.  Despite being a more physical treatment, our Thai massage service also provides calming relaxation.

Thai Masssage Service L Spa

Warm, Smooth and Relaxing

Hot Stone massage service is also among the more frequently requested.  Like our L Spa Signature therapy, guests of all experience levels select and enjoy this option.  Smoothly polished and heated basalt stones are positioned on the body as others are used by our therapist in making smooth, gliding movements with consistent pressure. The heat retained in the stones more fully relaxes muscles and tissue as they are worked on the body and facilitate deeper muscle penetration resulting in tension reduction and elevated relaxation levels.  Read more about Hot Stone massage benefits.

Hot Stone Massage Service by L Spa

We hope this information is useful and to provide you our body therapy service selections above, and others.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by phone, message or our contact form at:

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